The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back

About us

It is good to see you here. You are here to get rid of your lower back pain. We become very enthusiastic thinking about the results you will achieve with our practice program. The exercise program has been used successfully in practice for some years. It was developed because we strive for good health for everyone.

A pain-free back

Lower back pain is one of the most common health problems. Some people only want information about back pain. Remember: information is only useful if you do something with it! Commit yourself to both learning and doing the exercises. You will notice that what you learn contributes to the result: living without back pain.

Your own exercise program

The exercise program has been composed carefully and professionally. In your own program you work online towards a healthy back. You improve the mobility, muscle function and stability of your back. Besides pain reduction, this will also strengthen your back. This means that you also prevent recurring back problems.

Who we are

The people behind the exercise program are scientifically trained and have a medical background. The founder is Peter Arentsen. He is a health scientist and has years of experience as a physiotherapist.

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The solution

Imagine the results you are going to achieve with the practice program. Think about how you will feel after a few days of practicing! You will realize that the essential moment was the moment you really decided to start, the moment you took the next step towards a strong and healthy back!

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Ready for the next step?

With this practice program you know what you can do. A good posture and the right exercises are the key to success. The way to get a pain-free back is to no longer wait, but to start immediately. Leave your doubts or fears behind and simply start.

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