The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back

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A healthy life is important to us. This includes a pain-free back. Effective exercises for the lower back help to achieve this. We are specialised in offering exercises that are comprehensible and accessible to everyone. Our goal is to provide proven and reliable online exercises to as many people as possible. This way, everyone can work towards a pain-free back in their own home environment.

Who are we trying to help?

Non-specific lower back pain is very common. More than 50% of the Dutch population will experience one or more episodes of back pain in their lifetime. This back pain causes high social costs, especially due to pain-related absence from work.

A positive development is that more and more people with back pain are seeking self-help solutions. These people are our target audience.

How can we help?

In case of non-specific lower back pain, the best treatment is exercise therapy, preferably combined with education. The strength of the exercise program of AudioFysio lies in its simple and motivating audio coaching. Step by step, you are coached through each practice session. You hear exactly what you need to do. The exercise program meets the needs of the user in the best possible way. Therefore, it is highly appreciated by its users.

Options for collaboration

For access to the exercise program, we ask a one-time contribution of €9,99. To make the training program more widely accessible, we have developed a voucher system. By purchasing an x-number of vouchers, customers of cooperating organisations, such as Dutch health insurance company VGZ, already make free use of the exercise program.


Would you too like to collaborate with us? Please contact us for more information.