The practice program for a pain-free and healthy back

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Practice at home against lower back pain
Exercises against sciatica and stiffness
Start now and work on a healthy back!
oefeningen tegen rugpijn
The best exercises in one exercise program
  • Beat back pain!
  • Let stiffness disappear
  • To a strong back
To a healthy back

Listen to physiocoach Bella:

Some exercises you do with Bella:

My back pain is almost gone after 2 days! The training program is therefore very effective. I like the instruction to listen to. Once busy and every practice session flies by.

quote about exercises against back pain Gerard

I've been working on the training program for a week now and my chronic back pain has already diminished a lot. Highly recommended!

quote about exercises against back pain Rob B

I finally wanted to do something about my back pain and heard about this practice program. I am very happy with my first results. The exercises help you to be active again quickly.

Petra likes the exercises for her herniated disc Petra

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A healthy back for everyone

Everyone has to deal with lower back pain. In most cases it is not necessary to find the exact cause and a good treatment is possible. The basis is a good posture and responsible movement. With the right guidance you can start working with this at home.

With the exercise program you recover from low back pain. A healthy back is important for a pleasant life!

For whom?

In more than 90% of the people with low back problems there is no clear cause to be found. We call this non-specific low back complaints. These complaints can usually be solved by yourself. With the exercise program you recover and reduce the chance of a later return of back pain.

Have you never used a self-help program on the internet and are you in doubt whether it is for you? Feel free to read on and discover that the exercise program is also suitable for you!

Solve it yourself: exercises against back pain

Of course you should see a doctor or physiotherapist with low back pain if that is really necessary. However, most complaints can easily be solved by yourself. You have managed to get back pain. Then you usually manage to get rid of back pain as well. The training programme will help you with this.

Why the exercise program?

oefeningen rugpijn Directly at home to a healthy back.
oefeningen rugpijn Cheaper than practicing with the physical therapist.
oefeningen rugpijn Exercise responsibly, with quick results.

To a healthy back!

Bella’s Lower Back Pain App

Many people with back pain are now practicing the practice program. All positive reactions have led to Bella’s Lower Back Pain App. This way you can also work on a healthy back with your smartphone and tablet. Do you also participate?

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Android Back Pain App

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