The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back

Your first practice session

Well done! You have taken the first step towards a healthy back. Start your first practice session straight away. Listen to Bella and practice!

The next step

Of course, your back pain hasn’t disappeared straight after this first practice session. Yet, for many people, even the first session can provide the start of your pain relief. Now that you’ve become acquainted, you’re ready for the next step.

Back pain usually develops slowly. It is therefore important to build up exercises calmly. The practice program will help you do this. Each time the next effective exercise session is waiting for you. This way, you always know exactly what to do.

Would you like to practice with the app? Download Bella’s Lower Back Pain App and start right away. This way, you always have your own physio coach in your pocket!

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Are you in?

You can also start without the app. More than thousands of people have already reduced their back pain with the online practice program! Let your back pain disappear within a few days. Make your back strong and healthy again. Don’t hesitate any longer and simply start. You can do this!

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