The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back

Exercises against back pain

Good to see you here. Now that you are on this website and reading these words, go on to the next step. A good step because you discover more about the influence of the exercise program on your back.

Do you have pain in your lower back or a stiff and nagging feeling? You are not the only one. Every year, even 40% suffer from back pain for a while. Back pain often recurs because the cause is not addressed.

What do you do to work seriously on a healthy back? It means more than just reading these words. The right exercises against back pain help you to recover from back pain. You also prevent a return of the complaints.

Self-help program

Research has shown that people with lower back pain see one major disadvantage in self-help programs. The disadvantage is the lack of supervision of a physician. The research shows that people appreciate online self-help programs very much to do independent exercises! What should you be careful of?

What should you be careful of if you don’t want to get back pain? Here is the top 5:

1) Avoid stress in combination with sitting still for a long time in your job. It’s not for nothing that there are so many people with back pain in office life!

2) Beware of leisure stress. Does this exist? Yes, this exists. Many people experience a certain pressure during leisure time that they have to do a lot of things. This results in a cramped posture. Let it go!

3) Not enough exercise and movement.

4) A one-sided load on your body. For example, are you walking to work every day with your suitcase? A backpack is better for you. Do you still want to use your suitcase? Carry the suitcase alternately left and right.

5) A bed that is bad for your back. Make sure you lie well, on a good mattress!


Think of a few situations without back pain. Can you remember driving a car or sitting at the dining table without back pain? You will suddenly realize how important the exercise program can be for you. That means you’re ready for the next step.

It is time for you to get acquainted with a number of exercises from the exercise program. The exercises will help you move on to a healthy back.

Do an exercise session immediately

Click the orange play button, listen to Bella and start a practice session right away. On to a strong, healthy and pain-free back!

There is an important reason why more than 100,000 people already enjoy practicing AudioFysio. They all experience the wonderful feeling of practicing while listening to the audio coach. By following the audio instructions they know exactly what to do! And all this with a nice piece of music underneath. Try it yourself!

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Have you practiced pleasantly? You can start the first practice session right away. You practice for about 25 minutes in a row while listening to the instructions. The people who already practice with AudioFysio indicate that this offers a lot of added value. Practising without having to look at paper or a screen is a lot of fun! Join us and try it right away!

Yes, I want to start right away!

How nice does it feel to do exercises where you listen to an instruction and at the same time move along? What goes through you when you notice that your back becomes more supple?

Causes of back pain

The cause of low back pain is often found in an irritated muscle or tendon after a period of strain on your back. Back pain can also be the result of a problem with the intervertebral disc. Think for example of osteoarthritis, or sudden sharp pain caused by a tear such as spit and herniated disc.

3 underlying causes

Often 3 things in the background play a role in lower back pain. First of all, stress often plays a role. Because of this, your body is a bit cramped for a long time and not in the most healthy position. Secondly, a lack of movement is often a cause. Finally, small events can play a role in the intervertebral discs. This may have to do with the facet joints of your vertebrae.

What exactly is the situation with your vertebrae?

Facet joints

The vertebrae of your spine are separated by intervertebral discs. They are connected by joints. These joints allow the vertebrae to move relative to each other. The vertebrae hinge together through two facet joints per vertebra.

vertebrae with intervertebral discs

Facet joints exercises

Due to an incorrect posture, the two joint surfaces of a facet joint can no longer lie neatly opposite each other. Such a facet joint does not ‘trace’ very well then. This makes your spine less mobile. In addition, some movements are painful. Doing exercises gives relief. Think especially of mobilizing exercises. These are exercises with which you can get the facet joints in line again.

Why the exercise program?

1. Bed rest does not help!

According to the guideline, bed rest does not help against lower back pain. Bed rest is only recommended if this is the only way to control back pain. The guideline also states that pain in the lower back is not harmful. Also, an increase in pain does not go hand in hand with damage to structures. So you can easily stay active. In fact, dosed movement promotes the recovery of your back.

2. Treatment for low back pain

The standard treatment for lower back pain consists of explanation and reassurance. In addition, the advice is to remain active, with possible pain medication and exercise therapy. Unfortunately, remedial therapy by a physiotherapist is currently not covered by the basic package.

3. Exercise stimulates recovery

According to the guideline it is important that (in normal course) people with lower back pain are encouraged to expand activities. Exercise and being active promotes recovery. It is important to build this up as well as possible. So don’t start exercising intensively right away, but build up your activities quietly.

Exercising helps!

Research shows that practicing helps against back pain. So do you have low back pain or morning stiffness and do you want to get rid of it quickly? And do you want to reduce the chance of a return of back pain? Then it helps to do the right exercises against back pain. Your back becomes stronger and more mobile.

low back pain and exercises

How do you practice in a good way?

The best way to practice against back pain is to practice in a controlled way. Ensure a gradual build-up. In other words: make sure you have a routine in performing your exercises. This will best help to reduce stiffness and strengthen your back. Through the routine you learn, you strengthen your back in a responsible way. You reduce the chance of a return of back pain.

You have come to this website. So you want to do something about your back pain. Then I assume that you want to get acquainted with even more exercises.
Exercises for people who sit a lot

The majority of lower back complaints can be solved by a good posture and the right exercises against back pain. You can practice more often than you think. For example, do you often sit at a desk? Then you can also do exercises against back pain.

Exercise 1

Push yourself up slightly from your seat. Leave your back hanging relaxed. This relieves the pressure on your intervertebral discs. You notice that you feel pain relief. Make sure your chair has firm armrests.

Exercise 2

A second exercise from a sitting position is tilting the pelvis. Place your feet on the ground and push your buttocks into the back of the chair. Stay on the chair and make your upper body as long as possible. Now you are going to tilt the pelvis. First forward, then backward. Notice that your back becomes hollow and convex.

Do you find it difficult? Then place your hands in the side, on top of the pelvis. Your fingers at the front, on the protruding bones of the pelvis. Your thumbs point backwards. This way you feel the pelvis tilt. With your hands, control the pelvis slightly during the movement. This way you are aware that the pelvis actually tilts.

More exercises against lower back pain?

You too get the chance to work on a healthy back. As good as possible. Where and when you want it. The exercise program is user-friendly and has the best exercises against back pain. Back pain is always annoying. Whether you feel the lower back pain on the right, or the lower back pain on the left. How will it feel if you reduce this back pain yourself? Already more than 10,000 people have practiced with AudioFysio!

The reactions to the practice program are all very positive! Try it yourself.

Why this practice method?

With the training program you have the best exercises against lower back pain. In addition, you are assured of a good structured structure of exercises. As a result, the exercises provide an optimal result.

The exercise program helps you to recover quickly. It is built on three pillars:

1. mobilising exercises,
2. muscle strengthening exercises and
3. stabilising exercises.

The mobilizing exercises improve the mobility of your joints in your lower back and provide pain relief. The muscle strengthening exercises increase your resistance to disturbances in your spine. By stabilizing exercises you reduce the risk of recurring back pain. During the practice sessions you will also learn how to adopt a better posture. By a good posture you give the development and continuation of back pain less chance.

back pain and posture

The practice program is a valued self-help program, which makes it easy and responsible to practice against back pain!

Ensure the right posture

In addition to exercises from a sitting position, the exercise program also includes exercises for your exercise mat and from stand. The program gives you the movement you need! This active approach and a positive attitude, help you to recover quickly from low back pain. In addition, you will learn to adopt a good posture, for example on a chair.

sitting posture, back muscles

I think you’re curious about the practice program and I get excited about how useful you’ll find it. Start today to make your back healthier and stronger.

exercises with a tablet

You have been introduced to a number of initial exercises. Now you can consider starting with the exercise program in which you will be brought to a healthy back through a build-up. You are the only one who can decide this.

To a healthy back!


The program offers immediate pain relief

More than a thousand people have been practicing AudioFysio. And with success! One of the most heard benefits is that the training program immediately provides pain relief. And not only that. Also the proverbial ‘stick behind the door’ to practice is appreciated.

We get many enthusiastic responses back from people who have started. For example, read the review below. The real way to get a healthy back is no longer to wait, but to start immediately. Leave your fear or doubt behind and simply start. Once you have quietly started the exercise program, you suddenly realize that your back has become more supple and less painful.

The training program has been used successfully in practice for over 3 years. I have made Bella’s Low Back Pain App available to make it even easier for you. So you always have your own physiotherapist in your pocket.

Keep me informed of the results you are achieving!

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