The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back


Osteoarthritis is a joint disorder. The cartilage in the joint changes. It becomes thinner and may even disappear. Osteoarthritis can occur in all joints. The joints that carry a lot of weight are affected more often. These are mainly the neck, lower back, knees (gonarthrosis) and hips (coxarthrosis). Osteoarthritis can also occur in the hands.


Osteoarthritis is very common. Especially people over 50 years old suffer from it. Almost all people over 75 years all have osteoarthritis. Not everyone suffers directly from this.


Cartilage is at the end of bones and allows bones to move smoothly relatively to each other in a joint. The cartilage forms shock pads. It reduces friction. With osteoarthritis, the composition of this cartilage changes.

cross section osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis complaints

The complaints caused by osteoarthritis can be very annoying. Your joints become increasingly painful. The joints also become stiffer. The mobility decreases. Especially after a period of rest, a starting pain can occur.

What can you do against osteoarthritis?

It helps to move your joints a lot. This keeps the joint supple and strengthens the muscles around the joint. These muscles can relieve the joint a little bit. Heat treatments can also help.

Exercises against osteoarthritis

Are you particularly troubled by your lower back? Then the exercises below will help. You can also use the app right away!

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Exercise 1

The aim of this exercise is to mobilize your lower back on the one hand, and to train your abdominal muscles on the other. By training your abdominal muscles you stabilize the spine and increase the load capacity of your back.

Starting position

Lie on your back. Put your hands under your lower back. Your legs are bent with your feet flat on the ground.


While performing this exercise, tilt the pelvis backwards. You do this by contracting your abdominal muscles, so that your lower back pushes against your hands. Then tilt the pelvis forward, by relaxing your abdominal muscles. Your lower back becomes hollow.

Exercise 2

Also with this exercise you mobilize the lower back.

Starting position

Lie on your back. Put your legs stretched against each other on the mat.


Pull in a stretched leg alternately. At the same time, push the other stretched leg out. It feels like you are trying to make this leg longer.

3 exercises for a stronger back

Strong muscles keep your back mobile. The following three exercises will strengthen your back muscles. In addition, strong muscles relieve pressure on your joints. Play the video and practice along!

To a healthy back!