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Sciatica exercises

Sciatica is an annoying nerve pain. Taking a day off may help relieve sciatica complaints. However, the source of the condition is not something you can tackle by resting. Doing some sciatica exercises can relieve the pain. It helps you recover from sciatica.

Controlled movement

As the guideline of the Dutch General Practitioners Association also describes, it is important to move, but in a controlled way. The Guideline advises to move as far as the complaints allow. Are your sciatica pain complaints a little less severe? Feel free to start doing exercises.

It is good that you are here. You want to get rid of sciatica. By taking a rest, the pain may decrease for a while. However, you will not take away the cause of sciatica. Do you want to know which exercises can help you?

Start with 3 sciatica exercises!

In this article you will find three sciatica exercises. Step by step, you will read what to do. With the picture you get an overview of each exercise. Feel free to start with these first exercises. After that, you will read more about the total exercise program consisting of your own audiocoach and videos!

Sciatica exercise 1

Starting position: In the supine position, with the arms relaxed next to the body. Stretch both legs.
Execution: First, bring your left leg in a straight line to the chest. Afterwards, you do the same with your right leg. The knee is bent. Bring your leg even more close towards your chest, by using your hands in the hollows of the knees.

  1. Move your left leg with your knee bent in a straight line to the chest. Bring the leg even closer to your chest by pulling the leg further with both hands in the hollows of the knees. During the movement, keep the right leg stretched on the mat.
  2. Return to the starting position.
  3. Do the same with your right leg. Try to keep your left leg stretched on the mat.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Now your left leg again. And then your right leg.

sciatica exercise

Sciatica exercise 2

Starting position: In supine position, on your mat. Your legs are stretched.
Execution: The movement is as follows: you pull in a stretched leg. At the same time you push out the other stretched leg. As if you were trying to make this leg longer. So: pull in your stretched left leg and simultaneously push out your stretched right leg. Then pull in your stretched right leg and push out your stretched left leg. And vice versa.

sciatica complaints exercise

Sciatica exercise 3

Start position: in supine position on your mat. When lying down, bend both legs and place the soles of the feet on the ground. Place the arms aside, with the palms of the hands upwards.
Execution: Move both knees at a gentle pace to the left and then to the right, until you feel slight resistance. Keep your feet and shoulders on the ground and keep your knees together constantly.

  1. Move your knees to the left. Keep your shoulders on the ground. Your feet also stay in contact with the ground.
  2. Then move both knees to the right.
  3. And again to the left.


sciatica treatment

Exercise program sciatica

You are now familiar with 3 sciatica exercises. Do you want to practice professionally with your own online practice program? This is possible with the program of AudioFysio. An audiocoach helps you through each practice session. Her name is Bella. You listen to Bella and practice with her. It’s that simple. You can also watch each exercise in a video. You are going to get rid of sciatica step by step!

With the practice sessions, you know exactly what to do. Effective and very easy! The exercises have proven themselves in physiotherapy practice. I am sure that you will be enthusiastic too. It is time for the next step!

Next step

Insight into sciatica complaints

Daily activities can influence sciatica. For example, do you sit at a desk every day? A long sitting posture is very stressful for your lower back. There is a good chance that the pain caused by sciatica will increase during a sitting posture. The pressure on the nerve increases during a sitting posture.

It is important to have insight into your daily activities and to understand how to subconsciously maintain or even strengthen the sciatica disorder. Some people only want information. I would like to give you that peace of mind. Remember that many scientific results confirm the need for regular practice with sciatica. See for example the article about protecting your back in case of sciatica complaints.

Remember: information about sciatica exercises is only useful if you do something with it. You can agree with yourself to learn and execute the exercise program. You will see that what you learn, contributes to the result, namely to continue living without back pain.

More about sciatica

The practice program in an app

Because of all the positive experiences it is now possible to do your own practice program via an app. Bella’s Lower Back Pain App helps you towards a healthy back.

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Imagine how your friends will react when you are no longer suffering from sciatica. All you have to do is start with your own practice program. Don’t wait any longer and start. I’m curious about your results!