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Good that you visit this page. I will tell you more about the SI joint and how you can live without annoying pain. You want that too, don’t you?

First, you can try some exercises by watching the following video. Enjoy and practice along!


Sacroiliac joint

The SI joint is an abbreviation for the sacroiliac joint. The body contains two of these SI joints. You have them in your lower back on the left and right side of your spine. Their function is to transfer the weight of the upper body to the hips and legs. The joints are therefore subjected to considerable strain.

Sometimes the load is too much. This can manifest itself as low back pain, where there can be a blockage in the SI joint. Such a blockade of the SI joint feels annoying, but the good news is that you can get rid of it yourself. First you read more about the SI joint. Then I give you the exercises to keep the SI joint mobile. These are SI exercises that you can easily do at home!

SI joints

In the red color: the SI joints

What is it?

The SI joint is part of the pelvic region. This is the connection between the trunk and the legs. The pelvic zone is firmer than the shoulder belt. That is necessary too. It usually carries more of your body weight. However, the pelvis is much less mobile than the shoulder zone.

The pelvic region consists of two hip bones connected to the symphysis (a cartilage piece) at the front of your body. At the back these hip bones are connected to the SI joint. This joint allows almost no movement. It is connected to the sacrum.

Stabilisation of the joints

The load on the spine goes via the SI joints to the pelvis. It is therefore important that these joints are stable. Sometimes it is not stable enough and you experience pain.

The picture clearly shows that affected SI joints can cause pain in the lower back. Fortunately, you can solve complaints with these joints.

sacroiliac joint pain

There are ways to better stabilize the SI joints. Firstly, by better interlocking of grooves and ridges on the joint surfaces. The way is to increase the strength of the surrounding muscles, so that this can offer more compression. You can apply this method yourself, by doing exercises.

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SI joint blocked

Symptoms of the SI joint usually involve pain or irritation around the joint. You can feel this pain from the buttock to the legs. Some people therefore think of sciatica. Various causes, such as a fall, can lead to this pain. A blockade can cause the joint to move even less than is normally possible. The SI joint is stuck.

In case of complaints around the SI joint, the exact location of the pain is examined. Sometimes a neurological examination is done to exclude a herniated disc in the back. It is also important to look at the mobility of your lower back and hip.

back pain treatment

Mobilising the SI joint yourself

With physiotherapy or manual therapy, the joint can be mobilised You can also solve it yourself with mobilizing exercises in your own exercise program. With your own exercise program you can easily loosen the SI joint yourself.


Do you want to mobilize the SI joint? There are a few easy exercises to make your SI joint mobile again. You can try to relieve your back pain yourself with exercises.

Do you want to know how easy this is? Do you want to start right away?

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Mobilising exercises

Although the SI joint allows almost no movement, a blocked SI joint can cause annoying back problems. It is therefore important to keep both SI joints mobile. The good news is that you can do SI exercises yourself. All you need are a number of mobilizing exercises and a little bit discipline.

Besides doing exercises, there are more things that can help you. The SI joint sometimes feels more comfortable by taking a warm bath. Just like sciatica, taking a warm bath will relax your muscles and ligaments. Also by regularly walking or swimming you can reduce the pain. So, try to stay active!

Don’t be afraid and simply start with some easy SI exercises. This way, you immediately take the first step towards a healthy SI joint! On this website you can get your own online training program against low back pain. With this program you will immediately start working with an online coach and videos!

Own online practice program

By taking a rest, your lower back pain may decrease for a while. You can’t solve the problem with your SI joint just by taking a rest. It is important that you keep moving. In your own online exercise program you can move quietly within your pain threshold. So you can solve your lower back pain yourself. Start your treatment at home immediately!

Read more about how you can solve your lower back pain with some exercises within a few days! The exercises have proven themselves in practice. It allows you to loosen your SI joint at home with your own online exercise program.

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Towards a healthy back!

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Blockage SI joint? Practice!

Meanwhile you have read on this page what to do. Is your SI joint fixed or do you experience stiffness in your lower back? Then start practicing immediately. An online exercise program is waiting for you!
The exercise program consists of exercise sessions that almost every physiotherapist will advise you to do. Below you will find four examples.

SI joint exercise 1

By performing this exercise you mobilize the lower back. You improve the joint mobility in the lower part of the spine. In addition, this exercise provides relief and relaxation in the lower back. Do this exercise several times a day.

Starting position: Lie on the mat in supine position. As soon as you lie down, bend both legs and place the soles of the feet on the ground. Put your arms aside, with your palms facing up.

Execution: Move both knees at a gentle pace to the left and then to the right until you feel slight resistance. Keep your feet and shoulders on the ground, in the same place. Try to keep your knees together.


SI joint exercise 2

This exercise also mobilizes the lower back and the SI joint.

Starting position: in supine position, with your legs stretched out against each other on the mat.

Execution: pull in one stretched leg alternately, push out the other stretched leg at the same time. Try to make this leg longer. Both stretched legs remain on the mat.


SI joint exercise 3

As with the previous two exercises, these exercises mobilize the SI joint and lower back.

Starting position: in supine position, relax with your arms next to your body. Stretch both legs.

Execution: pull a bent leg towards the chest, first the left leg, then the right leg. With your hands in the hollow of your knee, pull the leg even closer to your chest. Your other leg remains stretched.


SI joint exercise 4

Starting position: in the supine position, with your arms relaxed next to your body. Yor both leges are in a straight position on the mat.

Execution: This exercise looks like exercise 3, but now you bring the bent knee diagonally to the chest. This way, you bring both buttock muscles to stretch. During the movement, try to keep the other leg on the floor in a bent position.

Did the exercises help? These are exercises that loosen your SI joint. These types of exercises are found extensively in the online exercise program. The exercise program has been used successfully in practice for several years now. It is easy for everyone to use and it is professionally built.

SI joint quick recovery

Often SI joint complaints arise due to overloading of your back. For example, you have been in the same position for too long or you have lifted something heavy. Especially at the start of your day, you notice pain and stiffness. That is annoying, because you want to start your day well of course!

The pain is usually in the lower back on one side. If you have had back problems for some time, the muscles in your spine may have weakened. It is therefore important to pay attention to your back and abdominal muscles in addition to mobilising your SI joints.

With the exercise program you will relieve the blockage of your SI joint and then strengthen your back and abdominal muscles in a good, controlled way. Don’t hesitate any longer and simply start!

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