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What is lumbago?

With a certain movement you have sudden pain in your back. Your body has reacted to overload. The pain is severe. It may extend to your upper legs. Below you will find an explanation about lumbago. We also give more information about sciatica, hernia and osteoporosis.

Lumbago, pain and stiffnesslumbago

Lumbago is usually caused by a sudden movement. Sometimes it occurs slowly. After you throw your back out the pain and stiffness often disappears after a few days. However, many people will have to deal with lumbago more often after that. By using posture and lifting advice you can reduce a return of lumbago. Keep moving within your own pain threshold. Prevent unexpected movements. Give your back the chance to relax and recover.

Practise against lumbago

Moving helps to quickly recover from lumbago. There are exercises that help. One of these lumbago exercises can be seen in the video at the bottom of this page. Exercising is most effective when you practice in the right way. A correct structure in the exercises is also important. The practice program of Bella helps you with this. Try a practice session right away. Bella the audiocoach helps you through the exercises.

3 lumbago exercises!

Exercise program against lumbago

If you are suffering from lumbago, you definitely want to avoid experiencing it again. Therefore, it’s important to address this issue in a structured manner. The practice program can help you with that. It offers a variety of exercises specifically designed to alleviate lumbago. By regularly engaging in these exercises, you can prevent future back problems. The program recommends dedicating 20 minutes every day to perform the lumbago exercises. While practicing, you will be provided with instructions, making the experience enjoyable and ensuring optimal results.

Suffering from lumbago

Many people ever suffer from spit. The complaints occur mainly in people between 35 and 55 years old. This group of people is in the period with the greatest physical strain. Due to prolonged or excessive strain, back muscles can be overtired. This can cause pain in your back. What is lumbago compared to throwing your back out? Actually, there is no difference. It is only called otherwise.

Overloading your back muscles

Muscles around your spine have important functions. They ensure that the shape of your spine is maintained. These muscles do this together with the intervertebral discs. The ligaments between your vertebrae also contribute to this. In addition, these muscles provide the opportunity to move your spine. An overload of your back muscles can lead to lumbago.

Controlled movement improves recovery

Movement helps to quickly recover from lumbago. Make sure you structure it well. Do not start exercising intensively immediately. Listen to your body. Move as much as it feels comfortable for you. Is that going well? Then you can move more and more. If you practice with Bella you are assured of a good structure.

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The exercise program focuses on controlled movement. With the exercise program you do the best exercises. Did you know that you can practice from your chair?

exercises for the lower back

Other causes of back pain

If you have lumbago, you can also think of other causes of your back pain. Below you will find more information about sciatica, osteoporosis and hernia.

What is sciatica?

Sciatica is a nerve pain. Look for information on our page about sciatica.

sciatica pain

What is osteoporosis?

With osteoporosis, the bones lose mass and structure. This makes them brittle. This sometimes causes pain. Physical exercise helps to protect your bones.

What is a herniated disc?

A herniated disc in the back is a bulge of an intervertebral disc. An intervertebral disc is between two vertebrae. The (elastic) intervertebral discs act as a shock absorber. They ensure that the vertebrae can move well in relation to each other. The bulge can press on a nerve. This can cause pain in a leg.

After a herniated disc operation you will usually receive advice at the hospital for home. With the right exercises you can then train your back, buttock and abdominal muscles. Make sure that during the exercise there should be no increase of pain in a leg. So listen carefully to your body! The exercise programme helps you to build up your exercises in a calm way. You can read more information on our page about herniated disc.

Intervertebral disc degradation

Degradation of an intervertebral disc occurs in every human being. This degradation can cause the soft core of the intervertebral disc to come out. This bulge can press against a nerve. This can feel as if it has shot into your back. It can cause pain that radiates into the arm or leg. A herniated disc is able to recover. However, sometimes an operation is necessary.

These exercises beat lumbago

Practice with Bella in order to beat lumbago.


Do you want to practice more?

AudioFysio has selected the best exercises against lumbago. These lumbago exercises are composed into a practice program. This allows you to practice as effectively as possible. While listening to the instructions of Bella you practice for 20 minutes every day. Of course you can try a first practice session for free. Reduce your back pain immediately!

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To a healthy back!