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Morning stiffness, what to do?

You wake up. You have the feeling that your whole back is stuck. Muscles feel stiff. Your joints are painful. As the day progresses, the painful, stiff feeling gradually disappears. You suffer from morning stiffness.

The AudioFysio exercise program reduces morning stiffness. You practice wherever you want, in a comfortable and effective way. Is it true that you want to know how the exercise program works? Then watch the video.

Causesmorning stiffness

Morning stiffness, which is especially felt in the muscles, can be caused by too little relaxation for the muscles at night. This can lead to stiffness in the morning. Stress can play a role in this. There are several causes for morning stiffness in your joints, such as age and too little exercise. A cold and wet environment can also contribute to morning stiffness.

Stiffness in the elderly

Morning stiffness in the elderly is common. Especially the elderly often have stiff muscles after sleeping. Your age plays an important role. With increasing age there are more changes in the structure of your cartilage. The cartilage is the covering around your joints. The fluid in your joint also changes. The older you get, the less viscous the fluid becomes. Both the cartilage and the fluid normally ensure that you move smoothly in your joints.

Stiff muscles after sleeping

In the morning you start your body again after a period of rest and sleep. The stiffness is in or around your joints, but can also be in your muscles. It takes at least an hour before the morning stiffness (also called starting stiffness) is reduced to a maximum.

However, it is not about your morning stiffness, but about the best solution to get rid of it.

What to do about stiffness?

I have good news. You can do a lot against morning stiffness. It helps to get going quietly in the morning so that you become more supple in your joints. A hot shower also helps. This improves the blood flow in your body.

It also helps to move a lot and to do exercises. Exercises strengthen your muscles. Stronger muscles partly reduce the pressure on your joints. This makes you feel less stiffness or pain in these joints. Do you want to get rid of morning stiffness, reduce your back pain and know what the best exercise program is? Then read on immediately. You can start today with the online exercise program AudioFysio.

back pain morning stiffness

Time for a change

Have I already told the story of Anna? She is back at work in her office. This is very surprising because she had not gone to work without back problems for weeks.

All she needed was a small change in her way of thinking. Are you also looking forward to getting up without stiffness, driving and working without back pain? If so, do you think it’s time to change and solve your back pain? What stops you from living without a stiff and painful back again?

With Anna it was a small change in her way of thinking. Now she does everything again without back pain and stiffness, of which she didn’t know how to do that before. You can change your mind, adopt a better posture and be motivated to solve your morning stiffness and back pain. How good will you feel if you leave behind stiffness and back pain?

What can you do?

Note: this is not about the results of Anna, but what you can learn to do the same. Make a start! Click the PLAY button in the audio bar below. Listen carefully and hear the sound of Bella! She will help you practice.

Exercise program against morning stiffness

Imagine getting up every morning without back pain. Can you remember the last time without morning stiffness and want to return to a life without back pain? That is possible.

I think you are now curious about the practice program. I get excited about how useful you will find the practice sessions. So let’s immediately get acquainted with a 25-minute practice session that you can do for free and without any obligation.

Exercise against stiffness

Read below how to reduce morning stiffness by following 7 tips. Do you want the AudioFysio exercise program to tackle your stiffness or back pain? Then try the first practice session.

Seven tips against morning stiffness

  1. Regularly take a hot shower. Your blood flow improves, your muscles relax and you reduce stress.
  2. Do some physical exercises before going to sleep. Especially stretch exercises are effective. You increase the blood flow to your muscles. Your muscles also relax more. The three exercises you do above with the audio file, are also very suitable.
  3. Make sure you sleep enough, so that your body rest and recovers well.
  4. Before you sleep, leave all your worries of the day behind you. Do you suffer from stress? Then your muscles won’t rest completely. This makes them feel tired and stiff in the morning.
  5. Avoid cold and moisture in your home, especially in your bedroom. Cold and moisture will strike down on your body and aggravate morning stiffness.
  6. Wear warm and comfortable clothing. Prevent cold from affecting your body, because cold contributes to stiffness.
  7. Move more during the day. Do exercises, take the bike to work instead of the car, or go for a walk during your break. It will greatly improve your overall health. Do exercises that strengthen your muscles. In particular, strengthen your muscles around your most painful and stiff joints. These muscles relieve the pressure on your joints which contains the morning stiffness.

The AudioFysio exercise program reduces morning stiffness. You practice wherever you want, in a comfortable and effective way. Is it true that you want to know how the exercise program works? Then watch the video.


Massage against starting stiffness

What to do against stiffness if you can’t practice? Often a lack of movement is the cause of starting stiffness. Therefore it is logical to do exercises against stiffness. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work. Do you feel stiff in the morning, but don’t have time to practice, for example? Then it helps to massage your stiff muscles with a gel or muscle balm. It’s about improving your blood flow, which reduces pain.

Sleep and back pain

Scientific research has shown that people with back pain often sleep badly. Waking up in the middle of the night with back pain is rather annoying. Back pain interrupts your sleep. People with back pain not only wake up at night, they sleep shorter and less solid than people with a healthy back.

Why sleep problems and back pain?

Good to know is that back pain is usually not only caused by physical problems. Emotional stress, and depression also often play a role in the development of back pain. These are factors that are not good for your sleep. If you have no rest in your head, it is difficult to get to sleep.

What can help you as a backache patient?

A first solution is to make your home a quiet place to sleep. Anything that makes noise or causes stress can be removed from your bedroom. It is also wise not to sleep in a warm, cramped room and make the room dark.

back pain and sleeping

Exercises help against sleep problems and back pain

Regular exercise prevents back pain and reduces back pain. Physical activity also helps with sleeping problems. You can solve both sleep problems and back pain with a structured exercise program.

Such an exercise program is made for you. The program has many calming exercises for your back. The program is recommended by physiotherapists and is already used in many living rooms! It helps to reduce your back pain and brings peace so you sleep better!

Too little movement

Now that you’ve already read some information on this page, you know you’re more likely to have morning stiffness if you don’t move enough. This applies to night, asleep, and daytime. Osteoarthritis or other rheumatic disorders are also causes of morning stiffness or starting stiffness. By doing exercises you keep the joints mobile.

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If your back feels stiff, is your back really stiff?

Your back can feel extremely stiff. It makes sense to you that your back is really stiff. But is that really the case? Research has been done into this. Experiencing stiffness also appears to have a protective function. Because you experience the stiffness, you will feel the forces on your back much more clearly. You are also able to better detect changes in the forces that come on your back. This protects yourself.

Osteoarthritis and morning stiffness

Morning stiffness is common in people with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis affects joint cartilage and the underlying subchondral bone. This subchondral bone acts as a kind of shock absorber. Because of the porosity of this bone it can be pressed a little. Every human being sometimes suffers damage to this bone and joint cartilage. Osteoarthritis occurs when repair mechanisms are no longer sufficiently present to compensate for these damages.

Osteoarthritis is common. In 80% of the population over the age of 70 osteoarthritis is present. Morning stiffness and pain limit these people in their daily activities. Movements feel stiffer because of the damage to the bone and joint cartilage.

What to do with osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a slowly progressive syndrome. The cause cannot yet be treated. However, therapy can reduce the symptoms. Information and instruction are important in therapy. Learning other movement patterns can reduce pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and morning stiffness

Rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints. Inflammation occurs in several joints. Joints hurt, are warm and can be swollen. Sometimes the disease is more active than at other times. Especially in the morning the symptoms are noticeable. There is morning stiffness, where it takes at least an hour before the stiffness is reduced to a maximum.

Do you want to practice to reduce morning stiffness?

It’s always nice to notice when your back becomes more supple and mobile. How nice does it feel to do exercises where you listen to an instruction and move along at the same time? What goes through you when you notice that you have a more supple back?

what to do with morning stiffness

Bella’s Lower Back Pain exercise program helps combat morning stiffness. You have already read information on the website and briefly introduced the method. That means you are ready for the next step.

Want to start right away? Download Bella’s Lower Back Pain App!

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Energetically into the new week!

Now take your back really well. Go into the summer with a supple back! Do some good exercises every day and you will soon feel a lot better. Did you know that you can practice while reading this? From your chair you can easily tilt your ‘pelvis’, for example.

Exercise while sitting

The exercise is as follows: press your buttocks well in the back of your seat. Put your fingers on your pelvis and take turns making your back hollow and concave. If you do it right, you can feel if things are going well with your fingers and thumbs. Your fingers at the front take turns going up and down. Your thumbs at the back will go exactly the other way. Watch the video if you don’t quite understand it yet!

To a healthy back!