The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back

Posture and lifting techniques

Body posture

How we sit and stand influences the load on your body. An incorrect posture causes an unfavourable strain on the back. This often results in low back pain such as sciatica. You are so used to your posture that you no longer notice that you are adopting a wrong or one-sided posture. It is therefore important to become aware of what a good posture is.

A wrong posture gives back painA good posture is important to solve and prevent back problems in the future. This applies both to a standing posture and a sitting posture. But what should you pay attention to?

Standing posture

When you stand, always take an active posture. Do not ‘hang’ in your body, but always stand up straight. You can practice this by tightening your abdominal muscles while standing, pushing your chest a little forward and lifting your crown. Make sure you are stable. You do this by evenly distributing your weight over your legs and feet. Both knees are slightly bent.

Seated posture

Long-term static sitting is an important risk factor for the development and continuation of lower back pain. Especially if a so-called kyphotic posture is adopted. Instead, you should always adopt an active, not forward-bent position of the back. Support at the lower back is also wise.

It is important for everyone with seated work to change posture regularly, to exercise in between and to take regular breaks. Your body is simply not built to sit for a long time every day. Also pay attention to the adjustment of your office chair, the height of your desk and the location of your computer screen.


tips for improving posture


Unfavourable physical strain increases the risk of low back pain. Think especially of the strain on your body when lifting and carrying. Employees who lift every day have a greater chance of (permanent) back complaints.

Examples are: heavy lifting or pulling and turning the back during lifting. Try to prevent this as much as possible. Always remember the following golden rules before lifting and during lifting:

It may be that you read this advice too late and already have back problems. Do you have back problems and are you curious what you can do about them?

What can you do?

If you think of a few situations without back pain, you will suddenly realize how important a good posture and the right practice method can be for you. This means that you are ready for the next step of getting acquainted with a number of exercises that will help you move towards a healthy back.

I think that in addition to the tips for a correct posture described earlier, you are curious about the exercise program. Read more about how you can immediately work towards a stable and healthy back!

To a healthy back!