The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back

Exercise program for low back pain 

Feel good and energetic when you get up. Drive a car without back pain. Play sports again. If you think about your possibilities without back pain, you will suddenly realize how important this exercise program can be for you. That means you are ready for the next step. And that’s starting your own online back pain reduction training program straight away.
You are the only one who can make this choice. Are you in?

Easy and quick results

Physio coach Bella will help you to achieve quick results. Each time a new instruction from Bella is waiting for you. Follow Bella’s instructions to reduce your back pain, so you can easily work towards a strong and healthy back at home!

online exercise program

Practice whenever and wherever you want.

The benefits

rugpijn oefeningenDirect access to more than 40 practice sessions to help reduce back pain
rugpijn oefeningenEffective exercises and quick results, through Bella’s excellent coaching
rugpijn oefeningenWith sample videos to make it even easier for you

Start immediately for a one-time contribution of  17,99 9.99 and get your own online practice program for the duration of one month! No further costs involved.

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Also available as an App

You can also choose to practice by using the app.

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