The practice program for a pain-free and healthy back

Throw your back out

Suddenly the back pain appears. You feel pain and your back muscles cramp. You threw your back out. In this article I will tell you what it is and how to get rid of it within a few days.

thrown your back out, what to do

What does ‘throw your back out’ mean?

Throw your back out is also called lumbago. It is a name for a collection of different symptoms. The symptoms occur after an overload of your back. You have crossed a border. Your body protects itself from damage and reacts to it.

Almost everyone has experienced it. In the first instance, your body reacts by sending out a pain signal. There is a pain in your lower back which causes your back muscles to cramp. Your back muscles feel stiff and hard. It usually happens with a sudden movement or a prolonged posture. The symptoms that occur are:

Imagine. How will it feel if you reduce your back pain yourself?

Back pain treatment

Do you want to recover from this pain in the lower back and not throw your back out again in the future? I will tell you how to do that. The solution is very simple. You solve the problem with exercises! Are you ready for good advice and do you want exercises for a healthy back right away?

To a healthy back!

Start immediately

With exercises you recover quickly after you threw your back out. Within a few days you will notice enormous relief. A special exercise program will take care of this. You can start immediately via Bella’s Lower Back Pain App.

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Back pain is common

If you have thrown your back out, you usually feel it low in your back. Low back pain is common. Every day a lot of people go to a general practitioner with back pain.

Fortunately, less than 5% of these people have specific complaints. Think for example of the consequences of an accident, arthritis in the spine or shift of a vertebra. All other back complaints are non-specific complaints. You can quickly get rid of these complaints. How fast that is depends mainly on yourself.

Before you read what you can do yourself, it is important that you gain insight into the causes. If you understand the most common causes, then it is time for the next step. That is the best way to a quick recovery.


back pain exercise and movement

The top 5 underlying causes

Usually there are several causes of throw your back out. Here you will find the top 5:

  1. Stress in combination with prolonged sitting still. Many people who work at a desk walk around with back problems!
  2. Leisure stress. Yes, this exists. If you have the feeling that you want to use your time very well, this causes stress. The stress causes a cramped posture. Be relaxed!
  3. Too little movement and sport. Being active makes you feel good. This reduces the chance of throwing your back out.
  4. A one-sided strain on your body. Do not always carry the suitcase or groceries with your left hand. Better yet: carry a backpack with sturdy shoulder straps.
  5. A bad mattress. A good night’s sleep with a good sleeping position is important!

I have heard many people ask: “I have thrown my back out, what should I do now? A logical question, because you want to get rid of it quickly. Below you can read what you can do at home.

What to do if you have thrown your back out?

I have good news. You can do a lot yourself after you have thrown your back out. After a short period of rest, practice sessions help you. This is the best treatment. Exercise therapy helps you to recover. With exercise therapy you also prevent a return of back problems. Especially with the so-called recurring complaints it is important that you pay attention to the cause.

So it is good that you are here. If you think of a painless and supple back, I am sure you will become enthusiastic. You will see that the exercise program also allows you to solve your back pain. It works very simply and effectively. Feel free to try a first practice session!

Do 3 exercises immediately

Experience how pleasant it is to practice with AudioFysio and relieves your back pain instantly. Physiocoach Bella helps you with the exercises. She says step by step what to do. Fun, easy and effective recovery!

The practice program also has videos. Do you want to listen and practice with videos? Start right away with Day 1 of the practice program!

Yes, start right away!

Recovery of your lower back

To help you, I have developed a training program for back pain. The exercise program contains all the exercises you need. These are the proven exercises from literature and practice based. They are presented to you in a professional structure and in an easy way. This way you know exactly what to do. So you no longer have to search for all kinds of exercises spread on the internet.

what is lower back pain?


If all goes well, you should now understand that your back pain can almost always be solved independently. After you have thrown your back out, you are ready to start practicing. I think you are curious about the training programme against back pain. The training program has already helped many people get rid of back pain. It is also available for you. And don’t be afraid…. It is very easy for anyone to follow.

In the practice program the best exercises are available for you. In every exercise session you will hear exactly what to do. You listen to a practice instruction. Each exercise is shown in a video and can be repeated as many times as you like. This way you get the chance to recover from back pain at home. Is it worth finding out how to do this?

What do you do to quickly recover from back pain? It means more than just reading these words. Don’t wait any longer and make a start. The exercises have been successfully performed by many people. Because of all the positive experiences, the exercise program has even been made available in an app!

Bella’s Lower Back Pain App

Do you want to recover quickly after you have thrown your back out? Then start immediately with Bella’s Lower Back Pain App. With this app you always have the practice program close to you. Start right away!

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The training program

The practice program is available on this website and in an app. Now that you have read the information about throw your back out, go on to the next step. That’s good because you discover more about the influence of exercises on your back. In the online exercise program you work towards a quick recovery!

Overloading your back

Before you start the exercise program, I think it is important that you know that an overload of your back is usually the cause of throwing your back out. This means that you have put more strain on your back than your back can handle. For example, a wrong sitting posture for a long time and wrong or too heavy lifting are often causes of going through your back. A cramped posture and stress also contribute to this.

Stiff back muscles

The result of throwing your back out is that your muscles contract and stiffen. This is a logical reaction of your body. Your body contracts the back muscles to prevent pain or damage. Your body protects itself with this reaction. The same happens, for example, when there is an imminent danger. Your body is already preparing for what is to come. Just look at what you do if you are scared of something. Exactly: you contract all your muscles very quickly to protect yourself!

How do you get rid of the pain and stiffness? Read on quickly. Are you ready for three important tips?

Low back pain recovery

Tip 1: relieve your back strain

Give your back a rest. Do not lift. Avoid unexpected movements. But beware: keep moving! Besides doing relaxing exercises for your back, you can walk or swim after you have thrown your back out. By doing exercises without strain, you ensure that your back muscles relax and recover.

Besides exercising, warmth contributes to the relaxation of your back muscles. For example, wear a shirt that fits well on your lower back or take a warm bath.

Tip 2: stay active

The guideline writes that the course of lower back pain is usually favourable, but that there is a good chance that the pain will return after recovery. This does not have to deter you from activities. The most important thing is to keep moving.

Tip 3: treatment after throwing your back out

Good exercises help you quickly recover from throwing your back out. By relaxing exercises for your back, symptoms such as back pain and stiffness often disappear after a few days. After that you can increase your stability. This will prevent you from going through your back again.

throw your back out and exercises

Throwing your back out, what to do?

After throwing your back out, you can look for a solution in medication against pain or in medication for a reduction of muscle tensions. This may be a short-term solution, but it will not solve the cause. According to the guideline, responsible movement promotes the recovery of low back pain. After that, exercise therapy helps you to continue your normal functioning.

Strain of your back

Your muscles that provide stability of your back are affected. A good stability of your lower back is important to prevent your back from throwing your back out in the future. Your abdominal and back muscles play an important role in the stability of your back. These muscles give you protection and strength.

So practice!

The real way to get a pain-free back is no longer to wait, but to start immediately. In short: the exercise program helps you faithfully do the right exercises. This will reduce back pain and stiffness within a few days. Then you gradually build up the stability of your back. This increases the strain on your back. Surely you also want to prevent yourself from throwing your back out again in the future?

Have you thrown your back out before?

John let us know that he regularly throw his back out. Very annoying. Just when you think you don’t have anything to worry about, it can sometimes happen again. It is therefore wise to always have a basic condition. This makes you more resistant to back disturbances.

Are you curious and do you want to make a start? Have a look at an exercise and feel free to practice!


Recover immediately to a healthy back

You want to move your back as little as possible because of the stiffness and pain. Sometimes it is not even possible to move at all. Yet it is important to exercise within the pain threshold. With the exercise program this is possible. You build up your exercises quietly!

throw your back out

I hope that with all this information you understand that practicing is important to you. To be sure of this, I will mention the benefits for you once more. Why is practicing so important?

Now that you understand that practicing is important to you and you have seen a first exercise, move on to the next step. In this step you will discover the relief the exercises give to your back!

To a healthy back!