The exercise program for a healthy and pain-free back

Directly to a healthy back

You are here to get rid of lower back pain. And you can! What do you need?

  1. The practice program
  2. Some perseverance.

I get excited when I think about the results you achieve with the practice program. On to a life without a stiff and painful back!

A pain-free and healthy back

The good news is that you can have a healthy and strong back. You will have to invest in yourself. I promise you the best exercises against back pain. If you want results, I know that the exercise program will help you. You can practice via this website or with the app!

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Right now, the practice program might not sound interesting yet. But what if I tell you that back pain usually diminishes within a few days? Or that the exercise program has helped thousands of people since it started in 2015?

A life without back pain

Some people only want information. Remember: information is only useful if you do something with it. You can agree with yourself to use the practice program from now on. You will see that what you do contributes to the result. Namely: continue living without back pain.

What do you do to seriously work on a healthy back? It means more than just reading these words.

exercises for a healthy back

On to the next step

Think of getting up without back pain or driving a car without back pain. Do you realize how important the practice program can be for you? That means you’re ready for the next step! The step by which exercises help you towards a healthy back.

Easy and effective

It’s not about learning the exercises by heart. It’s about doing the exercises regularly and understanding how to do them. The practice sessions are easy for everyone to follow. When you are busy, you realize how useful and effective they are.

The practice program helps you. A physio-coach is ready for you. Her name is Bella and she tells you step by step what to do. You listen and participate quietly. A video is also available for each exercise. You can repeat each exercise session as often as you like.

Start right away!

Did you know that there is a great exercise you can do right now? While sitting on your chair you can reduce back pain!

Ready to start?

The way to get a pain-free back is no longer to wait, but to start right away! Once you have quietly started the practice program, you suddenly notice that your back has become more supple and less painful.

Do you join in too? More than thousands of people have already reduced their back pain with the exercise program. Let me know what your results are!

Yes, I want my practice program!

Bella’s Lower Back Pain App

With Bella’s Lower Back Pain App you always have your own physiotherapist in your pocket via your smartphone or tablet. Simple and effective!

Download Bella's Back Lower Back Pain App

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